Group Sales and Season Tickets

Group Tickets: Non-Best of Broadway Series Show/Event

Please visit and navigate to the ticketing purchase page for the event you wish to attend.

Locate the 'Additional Information' section to see if group/discount tickets are available for that specific show. Note that group/discount tickets may not be available for every show/event.

If no information is available online you may also direct inquires about group or discount tickets to the TicketsWest Support Team.
Phone: 800-325-7328 / Email:

First Interstate Center for the Arts - Spokane, WA

Group Tickets: STCU Best of Broadway Series

To order group tickets to a Best of Broadway show call 509.818.3440 or go to for more information. WestCoast Entertainment Group Sales may also be contacted by email at:

    Group tickets to Best of Broadway shows offer some amazing benefits!:
  • Up to 10% off regular ticket prices for most productions
  • Priority Seating
  • Lost Ticket Insurance
  • Personalized Customer Service

Season Tickets: STCU Best of Broadway Series

To order season tickets for the Best of Broadway shows call 509.818.3438 or visit for more information.

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